Shaolin Kung Fu Course
with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Dragon-Tiger Set
in May 2018

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Grandmaster Dragon-Tiger

Dragon-Tiger Set
Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit is going to teach the Dragon-Tiger Set for the first time as a course.


Tuesday, 1st to Thursday, 3rd May 2018

daily from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00


Tanzschule Chris, Wehlistraße 150, 1020 Wien
big hall on 3rd floor
locker room on 2nd floor


Course fees
for members of Shaolin Wahnam worldwide:

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For booking and payment until 15th March 2018
€ 700

Afterwards :
€ 800

The registration also includes the complimentary participation at a preparation course with Sifu Leonard Lackinger in which the set will be taught at the form level. This preparation course serves as a supportive measure and for maximising the results of the course, but is not mandatory.

Course fee
for martial artists of other schools:

For booking and payment until 15th March2018
€ 950

€ 1.100

+ € 300 for preparation courses

A principle in Shaolin Wahnam is to "Start from Scratch!". What has been learned before can partialy be helpful, but for systematic learning it is important to know the basics of the style as well as the commonly practiced Chi Flow in Shaolin Wahnam.

Details on the preparation courses and the application form can be found here.

A general requirement for the participation at courses of Shaolin Wahnam is to follow the Ten Shaolin Laws. Furthermore one should have at least one year of martial arts practice.

Payment & Cancellation

After sending the application form you will recieve a confirmation.
The allocation of spaces is assigned by the order of incoming payments.

The prices are for the course only. Cost for journey, accomodation and food, etc. have to be paid separately.

On cancellation a cancellation fee of € 100 applies.

To bring with you

loose clothing and sports shoes
food and drinks as needed

Shaolin Qi Gong Seminar

After the Kung Fu course, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit will teach courses on Shaolin Qi Gong from 4th to 6th May 2018 in Gutenstein. All details on this will be provided soon on:

Contents of the courses

The course will be held by Grandmaster Wong in English and will be translated live to German.


Butterfly Palms

Dragon-Tiger Set


  • The Dragon-Tiger Set
  • Learning the combat applications with short combat sequences
  • Training of internal force
  • Philosophy and theory
  • Questions and answers

Our Shaolin Kungfu comes from two main lineages, that of Grandmaster Lai Chin Wah who was more widely known as Uncle Righteousness, and that of Grandmaster Ho Fatt Nam. Hence, our name “Wahnam”.

Uncle Righteousness was well known for the beauty and variety of kungfu forms; Grandmaster Ho Fatt Nam for combat application. Both of them were great fighters.

Grandmaster Wong combined the essence of Uncle Righteousness' forms with the combat application of Grandmaster Ho Fatt Nam. The result was the Dragon-Tiger Set, which crystallizes the best of these two traditions.

Grandmaster Wong’s first book on Kung Fu, “Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu”, was first published in 1981. It explains a great variety of techniques, combat applications, tactics and secrets with the help of the Dragon-Tiger Set.

Bail Moon from the Sea Bottom

„Bail Moon from the Sea Bottom“ against a high kick

The dragon and the tiger represent two of the most important aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu, the mind and internal force.

All three treasures of Shaolin Kung Fu, namely Chin-Na (locks and grips), Dim Mak (closing vital points) and Nei Kung (internal training), are included in the set.

The form is a pattern set, consisting of individual patterns. To illustrate the special applications of the patterns, Sifu will teach a short combat sequence for each of the patterns.

Many of the marvellous applications of the sophisticated techniques are not obvious. Sifu will guide us to the depths of their use.

With the use of these videos here, participants should learn the set and develop good form before the preparation course.

Dragon-Tiger Set
Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Dragon-Tiger Set
Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Further helpful links:
The names of the patterns in a picture series
Some Glimpses of the Book "Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu"

As a support, there will be a preparation course with Sifu Leonard Lackinger in May. Participants should have completed level 3 of one of our martial arts. When you are interested and uncertain you can consult me.

About Grandmaster
Wong Kiew Kit

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit is the fourth generation successor of the Venerable Jiang Nan from the Southern Shaolin Temple.

Even with 72 years he is beaming with contagious zest for life and inspires with force, agility, outstanding combat skills, knowledge and wisdom.

One Finger Shooting Zen

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

For decades he is following the instruction of his Sifu, Ho Fatt Nam, to spread the Shaolin arts irrespective of race, culture and religion. Today the Shaolin Wahnam Institute, founded by him, is the biggest school for the practice of authentic Shaolin arts in the wolrd.

In courses with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit not only techniques are shown, but by using heart to heart transmission skills for health, combat and everyday life are transferred. Even in a relatively short time unbelievable progress can be made thanks to his teachings.

Preparation courses

for martial artists of other schools:

Intensive course on level 1 of Shaolin Kung Fu
The most important fundamentals like stances, moving in stances, the three external harmonies and basic patterns of the Southern Shaolin Kung Fu of Shaolin Wahnam will be taught besides the essential skill of Chi Flow.
Duration: 2 x 3 hours
Minimum number of participants: 5 participants
Date: on agreement with the participants.

Preparation course to the Dragon-Tiger Set
together with the students of Shaolin Wahnam
Date to be announced




Sifu Leonard Lackinger: